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    Bruno Zach (Ukrainian, 1891 ~ 1945) Zach was born in the town of Schitomir, Ukraine and studied at the Vienna Academy under Hans Bitterlich and Josef Mullner. The subjects of Zach’s bronze works include western, orientalist, sporting, animalier, art deco and erotic figures. He worked between the years 1918 and 1935, revelling in the spirit of Art Deco. Although he executed some graceful moving statues, this Berlin based sculptor devoted most of his energy and talents to the sensuous. Zach loved to render his world of exotic nightlife in his work, especially the prostitutes with whom he loved to socialise. In fact, one prostitute with whom Zach was in love refused to marry him, leading to the work Love Hearts.

    Bruno Zach was a prolific creator of tall, athletic, independent women in bronze and ivory. He depicted both the healthy outdoor pursuits, and also the dream mistresses of the demi monde of Berlin, Paris and Vienna between the wars. His bronze is occasionally patinated, most often cold painted. His use of ivory is spare and always well carved. His work was edited by several firms, including Argentor-Werke of Vienna the Broma Companie, S Altmann & Co, and Bergman.