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    Franz Xavier Bergman (Austrian, 1861 ~ 1936) Franz Bergman senior was born in Gablonz, Northern Bohemia where he worked as a metalwork chaser and finisher. He came to Vienna where he founded a small bronze factory in 1860. His son, Franz Xavier Bergman, opened a new foundry at the turn of the Century. Bronzes cast in the Bergman foundry are normally stamped with a capital ‘B’ placed in a twin handled vase and often inscribed ‘Geschutzt’ referring to the model/design being ‘registered’ or copyrighted. As an artist Bergman himself had a distinctive signature ‘Nam Greb’ which reads Bergman in reverse. It is said that he used this mark as a ‘nom de plume’ when the subjects of his work were subtly erotic and not to the taste of his family. The most famous of the Viennese ‘cold painted bronze’ artists Franz Bergman delighted in producing Orientalist and animal subjects. Recognised for great attention to detail and wonderful vibrant colours works from the Bergman foundry are highly prized today by collectors worldwide.