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    Lavroff, Georges (1895 – 1991)
    was born Georgij Dmitrievic Lavrov in Siberia. He studied painting and medicine at the University of Tomsk. In 1917-20 – he served in the 6th Regiment of the partisans of Azchipov. 1923-1926 – He became a member of the Russian artistes association in Moscow and in 1927-1935 Lavroff was sent to France to promote Soviet Art. This was the start of the famous works we now associate with George Lavroff and for which he is famous, mainly his art deco animal statues.

    He worked in several mediums mainly bronze and ceramics. For some time he worked closely in conjunction with Marcel Guillemard and indeed some of Lavroffs statues and other items are marked Guillemard and not Lavroff. He moved back to Russia in 1935. From 1940-1980 Lavroff worked mainly on monumental sculptures and busts of important members of the Soviet society. Displaying his works in many of the important Salons.

    In 1982 there was an exhibition which was devoted to his work. In 1984 – George Lavroff became a member of the Republic Socialists of the Soviet Federations of Russia. He died on August the 29th 1991 at the ripe old age of 96 years! Lavroff is famous for the quality of his pieces, and his work is highly sought after by collectors world wide today. Not all Lavroff pieces are signed.