Art Deco Dancers

Art Deco Dancers
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  • Josef Lorenzl Art Deco Dancers
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An energetic bronze group of two female dancers in mid flow with excellent cold painted colour and very fine hand finished detail. Raised on a shaped black marble base and signed Lorenzl

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Art Deco and Other Figures by Bryan Catley


Josef Lorenzl (1 September 1892 – 15 August 1950) was an Austrian sculptor and ceramicist of the Art Deco period, the same era as Ferdinand Preiss (1882–1943) and Demetre Chiparus (1886–1947). Lorenzl was born on 1 September 1882 in Vienna, Austria and died there on 15 August 1950. Little is known about his early years, but more is known about his later life. Lorenzl started his career working at a foundry at the Vienna Arsenal where he learned the techniques of bronze casting. The Vienna Arsenal was a military storage complex located in the south-eastern part of Vienna.

Lorenzl’s Career

While at the Vienna Arsenal, Lorenzl produced many bronze and chryselephantine sculptures, the latter using both bronze and ivory, and captivated by the female form he became famed for his shapely dancing girls with long, elegant legs and closed eyes. These pieces of his were signed “Enzl”, “Lor”, “R. Lor”, “Renz” or “Renzl”. Occasionally the name “Crejo” appears on his pieces, Crejo having been a painter and one of Lorenzl’s friends, and who sometimes applied colour to the pieces. These joint works are sought-after items. The large majority of Lorenzl’s figurines were attached to Brazilian green onyx plinths.

Lorenzl’s talents also extended to being a gifted ceramicist. He produced pieces for Goldscheider, working from a studio on company grounds. As with his chryselephantine pieces, his ceramic works were in great demand and became the embodiment of the Art Déco period. Famous amongst these is “The Butterfly Girl” after the famous dancer Niddy Impekoven from the 1920s. Lorenzl also worked for two other Viennese firms, Porzellanfabrik Hertwig & Co. and Keramos Porcelain.

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