Art Nouveau Maiden

Art Nouveau Maiden
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  • Van Der Straeten Art Nouveau Bronze Bust
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A very fine late 19th Century bronze bust of an Art Nouveau maiden wearing a period dress and bonnet, with excellent rich brown patina and good detail, signed Van Der Straeten

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Bronze and Onyx

Georges Van der Straeten

Georges Van Der Straeten was born in Ghent in 1856, and died in the same city in 1941 , as was a Belgian sculptor. He was first a lawyer until 1882 and then increased by sculptor Jef Lambeaux , .

He moved to Paris in 1883. It is known that he lived at No. 9 Avenue Hoche in 1910. He exhibited at the Salon of Paris from 1885 until 1912. He worked and had a binding of friendship with Jan van Beers . He achieved various awards including a silver medal at the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris. And later became a knight of the Legion of Honour in 1903.

Georges Van der Straeten demonstrated great technical expertise in all his works and achieved a high quality finish. He produced many portraits, graceful and seductive fantasy figures of young Parisian women where, according to Pierre Kjellberg, it “finds the lovable style sculptors of the eighteenth century” . According to several authors, he took inspiration from Antoine Watteau . His work and his styles are similar to those of the Italian sculptor Emmanuel Villanis (1858-1914).

This artist is representative of La Belle Époque , a time when shown the new art , international art movement that broke with the production academic . In this sense it is a new way to express yourself perfectly in line with this period of political, social innovation, technological and intellectual.

The works of Van der Straeten are published in large numbers in different sizes and in a wide variety of titles, several foundries, including the League of Bronzes of Paris, the founder Pinedo and the ceramist Friedrich Goldscheider (de) .

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