Chiparus Starfish Dancer

Chiparus Starfish Dancer
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  • Demetre Chiparus Art Deco Starfish
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A magnificent chryselephantine figure entitled ‘Starfish Dancer’, the beautiful figure of a young woman in stylized pose, both arms raised above her head with hand carved ivory face and hands, the bronze with excellent hand finished detail and fine cold painted colour on her leotard costume, on marble and onyx shaped base, signed

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Cold Painted Bronze and Ivory

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Chiparus – Master of Art Deco. 2nd Edition by Alberto Shayo

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Art Deco Era

The Art Deco era is also known as the ‘Années Folles’ (‘The crazy years’), ‘The Roaring Twenties’, the ‘Jazz Age’, the ‘Streamline Period’ and the ‘Machine Age’. The ‘Crazy Years’ because after the brutality of World War I, peace had finally come and people were eager to forget the past and its trouble and live life to its fullest. A frenzy of hedonism began.

The Art Deco Stars

Many of the dancers – often a euphemism for ‘cocotte’ or ‘cocodette’, meaning kept women – had left behind the demimonde to enter the world of the Music Hall in search of a rich patron. Young actresses aspired to marry millionaires and many young millionaires wanted to marry beautiful actresses.

Both on and off stage, these priestesses of the Music Hall wore outlandish clothes. Their costumes were decorated with furs and feathers and adorned with jewels. They sometimes sported close-fitting jersey printed with wave, spider web or sun disc patterns – similar to the decoration on the leotard of ‘Starfish’.



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