Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George and the Dragon
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  • Salvador Dali Saint George and the Dragon
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An impressive limited edition cold painted bronze study of the mighty Saint George upon his steed slaying the dragon with excellent colour and detail. Signed Dali, numbered 137/350, stamped with foundry mark and copyright. Complete with original Certificate of Authenticity.

Method: Lost Wax Process

Material: Bronze

Height: 46 cm Including Base

Patina: Green/Brown

Edition Size: 350+35 EA

Inscribed: Dali

Date: 1977-1984

Conceived in 1977, first cast in 1984

© Salvador Dali – Demart Pro Arte

© Serena Fine Arts Ltd.

© Jemelton LTD, 1984


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Cold Painted Bronze

Saint George and the Dragon

St George travelled for many months by land and sea until he came to Libya. Here he met a poor hermit who told him that everyone in that land was in great distress, for a dragon had long ravaged the country.

Every day,’ said the old man, ‘he demands the sacrifice of a beautiful maiden and now all the young girls have been killed. The king’s daughter alone remains, and unless we can find a knight who can slay the dragon she will be sacrificed tomorrow. The king of Egypt will give his daughter in marriage to the champion who overcomes this terrible monster.

When Saint George heard this story, he was determined to try and save the princess, so he rested that night in the hermit’s hut, and at daybreak set out to the valley where the dragon lived. When he drew near he saw a little procession of women, headed by a beautiful girl dressed in pure Arabian silk. The princess Sabra was being led by her attendants to the place of death. The knight spurred his horse and overtook the ladies. He comforted them with brave words and persuaded the princess to return to the palace. Then he entered the valley.

As soon as the dragon saw him it rushed from its cave, roaring with a sound louder than thunder. Its head was immense and its tail fifty feet long. But Saint George was not afraid. He struck the monster with his spear, hoping he would wound it.

The dragon’s scales were so hard that the spear broke into a thousand pieces and Saint George fell from his horse. Fortunately he rolled under an enchanted orange tree against which poison could not prevail, so that the venomous dragon was unable to hurt him. Within a few minutes he had recovered his strength and was able to fight again.

Saint George smote the beast with his sword, but the dragon poured poison on him and his armour split in two. Once more Saint George refreshed himself from the orange tree and then, with his sword in his hand, he rushed at the dragon and pierced it under the wing where there were no scales, so that it fell dead at his feet.

Dali Bronze Sculpture ‘Saint George and the Dragon’

Saint George is the guardian angel of Aragon and was known as the saint of chivalry throughout all medieval Europe. Dali recreates this famous legend in three-dimensional form. In the Dali bronze sculpture ‘Saint George and the Dragon’ we see a woman with her arm raised in the sign of victory.

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