Road to India I by Steve Winterburn

Road to India I by Steve Winterburn
  • Stephen Winterburn Bronze Road To India
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A delightful modern bronze group of an elephant calf following its mother with its trunk holding on to her tail with excellent naturalistic patinaed colour and very fine hand finished surface detail, signed S J Winterburn inscribed 4/8

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£ 9,750

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Bronze and Marble

Elephant Calf

New born elephant calves are able to stand soon after birth and can follow their mother in her daily routine after a few days. The young calf rarely strays from the watchful eye of its mother who touches it continuously and reassuringly with her trunk.

As the calf becomes more adventurous, its mother will pick it up when it stumbles, carry it over obstacles and protect it from danger. Under the belly of its mother, a tiny elephant calf is safe from predators and the scorching sun.

As a human mother washes her baby, so does an elephant mother, sprinkling her calf with water and then scrubbing it gently with its trunk. And as a mother holds hands with an infant, so the cow elephant steers her calf by grasping its tail with her trunk, and when the calf follows, it holds its mother’s tail in its trunk.

A calf stays under the close watch of the mother elephant for several years, and begins moving towards independence after four years. A young elephant reaches adulthood at the age of 20, and the bond between mother and daughter can last more than 50 years.

Zoo keepers and those who work with elephants tell of their great capacity to care and to show affection to their young.  They have a strong sense of family and scientists believe that elephants understand the concept of death. Researchers have described mother elephants mourning the death of a calf and circling a dead companion.

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