Vienna Bronze ‘Flamingo’

Vienna Bronze ‘Flamingo’
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An excellent cold painted Austrian bronze study of a standing flamingo raised on a naturalistic base with very fine colours and good hand finished surface detail

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Cold Painted Bronze

Vienna Bronze Flamingo

Vienna Bronze Figures

The tradition of Vienna Bronze can be traced to the middle of the 19th century. Around 50 manufacturers resided in Vienna at the turn of the century, as small Austrian bronze sculpture with its fine detail enjoyed great popularity.

At this time numerous sculptors and modellers were active in selling their work and models to bronze manufacturers, who then reproduced these. This means that a stamp (hallmark) alone shows who the manufacturer of a Bronze is, but not who the creator was. The artists remained largely unknown. Of course there are several artists whose works are also well-known, such as Lorenzl, Zach, etc. But even they did not work on every piece themselves, only the original model. One had chasers for the subsequent reproduction. Thus there are also differences in price for identical models, depending on the quality of the work.

The quality of the final piece depended on how gifted the chaser was and how perfectly he carried out his work. The painting of the final finish too was, and still is, an important factor.

Animal figures can occasionally be found for a few hundred pounds, though sculptures in pristine condition and larger figures can be worth several thousand pounds. Value is affected by condition. The cold painted decoration is relatively easy to damage and worn Enamel will reduce value considerably.

Vienna Bronze Flamingo


Flamingos are one of the most interesting types of animals in the world. There are six known species of them out there. They are different from many other types of birds because of the length of their legs. They aren’t often seen flying but they certainly can just like other birds. It was long debated though if they should be classified as storks or ducks. Finally, it was decided that they should have their own classification.

The colouring for a Flamingo ranges from various shapes of pink all the way to a crimson red. Some of them are shades of orange too. They also have colors of cream and white mixed in. They are lovely creatures and they seem to be very calm. If you have a local zoo then chances are you have been able to see and to observe these animals up close.

Flamingos live in a variety of habitat locations. They are fine in both warm and cold areas. They live in both the mountain areas and the flat lands. However, they do need plenty of access to food and to water. They are found in lakes, lagoons, and even swamps all over. As long as there are small insects, crustaceans, and algae they seem to have the food sources that they need.

These animals are very social and they thrive on interaction with each other. Colonies of Flamingos in the wild can be thousands in number. Many of them are small though with only about 50 in them. The largest group of Flamingos is found in East Africa where a single colony has more than 1 million members. They engage in a variety of behaviors that are fascinating to watch.

One thing that researchers have learned by placing Flamingos in captivity is that they don’t do well if there aren’t plenty of other members around. This is why a zoo has from 15 to 25 of them to display.

During mating, the Flamingos will pair up and they stay with each other after mating to create the nest for the egg. Then also work as a team to keep the egg warm and safe for about 30 days until it hatches. Young Flamingos are fed crop milk that the parents both produce instead of regurgitated foods as other birds provide for their young.

Many people don’t realize how much Flamingos fly or their abilities. They can take off rapidly and fly up to 35 miles per hour. They can also fly hundreds of miles a day between different locations in order to find adequate amounts of food for them to survive on. Most of this flight time takes place at night though which is why many of us never see them.

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