“Rebecca au Puits” by E Villanis

“Rebecca au Puits” by E Villanis
  • Emmanuel Villanis Art Nouveau Bronze Rebecca au Puits
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A charming late 19th Century bronze Art Nouveau bust of a young girl resting her chin upon her arms as she leans on an urn, exhibiting excellent tri-coloured patina and very fine detail. Signed Villanis, numbered and stamped with ‘Bellman, Ivey and Carter’ retail seal representing the retailers in London who were ‘By Appointment to Queen Victoria’ and titled to fore.

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Book Ref

Emmanuel Villanis by Josje Hortulanus-de Mik

Page No.

75, 77


Emmanuel Villanis was an industrious man. He is believed to have created some 200 to 250 pieces. His oeuvre pre-eminently consisted of busts and full body statues. Most of these were manufactured in bronze, but there are also models in white metal and terra cotta. Different patinas were used. The bronzes were mainly cast by the Societé de Bronzes de Paris and can be recognised by the round stamp (cachet) at the back of the statue. In addition, reliefs, vases, lamps, clocks and ink stands are recorded . Vases and lamps were mostly made of tin, and there are also marble statues. Pieces in which ivory is used are as rare as silver statues.

Villanis was inspired by women. He dedicated almost his complete works to them. One model in particular was portrayed many times by him. His portrayals of children may be less known, but are nevertheless wonderfully done. His statues are always in perfect proportion and are full of expression: dreamy-eyed, happy, sirene, indifferent, cheeky, serious, sad, detached, melancholy.

His style can always be recognised by his use of hollowed out eyeballs. The name of the statue can usually be found on the base in scrolled script and the signature of Emmanuel Villanis is always visible and legible.

Villanis’s busts with arms are rare. So far, only nine of these are recorded:

Rebecca aux Puits – Adeline Patti – Aimée – Bonjour – Captive – Fille d’Eve – Ophélie – Jeune fille se chache les oreilles dans les mains and Garcon joue de la flute.

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