The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince
  • Krejca Art Deco Bronze Beauty and Frog
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Wonderful  bronze study of a naked beauty kneeling down looking intently at a frog that is sat upon her knee wearing a crown and offering her a flower, with very fine deep brown/black colour and good detail, signed Krejca and stamped Austria

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The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince; or, Iron Henry” is a fairy tale, best known through the Brothers Grimm‘s written version; traditionally it is the first story in their collection. The 2009 Disney film, The Princess and the Frog, is loosely based on this story.

In the tale, a spoiled princess reluctantly befriends the frog (meeting him after dropping a gold ball into a pond), who magically transforms into a handsome prince. Although in modern versions the transformation is invariably triggered by the princess kissing the frog, in the original Grimm version of the story the frog’s spell was broken when the princess threw it against a wall in disgust.

In other early versions it was sufficient for the frog to spend the night on the princess’ pillow.

The prince also has a loyal servant named Henry (or Harry) who had three iron bands affixed around his heart to prevent it from breaking in his sadness over his master’s curse, but when the prince was reverted to his human form Henry’s overwhelming happiness caused all three bands to break, freeing his heart from its bonds.

A Russian folk version “Tsarevna Lyagushka” (The Frog Princess) has the male and female roles reversed: the male prince Ivan Tsarevich discovers the enchanted amphibian who becomes Vasilisa the Wise, a female sorceress.

A popular phrase related to this story is, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince.” It is used to encourage those who seek true love. Heiner states that it is unclear when this element was added to the story. Maria Tatar‘s The Annotated Brothers Grimm merely attributes it to “modern versions of the story”, without becoming more specific. Also, the Prince is the true identity of King Harold in the films Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third.

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