Farm Girl by Mathurin Moreau

Farm Girl by Mathurin Moreau
  • Mathurin Moreau Art Nouveau Farm Girl
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A very beautiful Art Nouveau bronze study of a young farm girl seated upon a wall in deep contemplation with a pail in her hand. Raised on a shaped marble plinth with turning mechanism that allows the viewer to appreciate the full three dimensions of this wonderful subject. Signed Math. Moreau and stamped with Medaille pastille.


An important sculpture that achieved the accolade of being awarded the ‘Medaille’ d’Honneur’ at the Ecole des Beaux Arts exhibition of 1901 and stamped with the medal pastille. This fine figure was then chosen and presented in recognition of service for the period 1898 to 1923 as a special memento and fitted with plaque to the fore inscribed with these dates.

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Bronze and Marble

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Bronzes, Sculptors and Founders, 1800 ~ 1930 by Berman

Mathurin Moreau

Mathurin Moreau was born in Dijon November 18, 1822 and later died in Paris aged 90 on Februrary 14th 1912. Mathurin was a French sculpture and was an expert at portraying feminine grace, Mathurin sculpted figures, genre scenes and allegories with an aimable and lighthearted realism. Pieces fitting this description dominated his extensive collection this description dominated his extensive collection of bronze works, to which should be added a number of official commissions. The son and a student of Jean-Baptiste Moreau, Mathurin entered Paris’s Ecole des Beaux-Arts when he was nineteen years old, and studied there under the direction of Ramey and Dumont. He won the second prize of Rome in 1842 and showed his work for the first time at the Salon in 1848, where he obtained a number of distinctions. Around 1850, he worked for the foundry of Val d’Osne, creating a number of models for statues destined to be cast in iron. In later years he became one of that foundry’s administrators.

Mathurin Moreau’s work include some commemorative monuments, tombs, a number of statues and busts for personalities and some ornamental statues. He worked for the churches of Saint Augustine and of the Trinite, for the Opera, the pavilion of Marsan at the Louvre, the gare du Nord, one of the fountains of the Théatre Plaza, among others. His work also includes a large quantity of statues, statuettes and groups in pleasnt decorative themes, which were successful in their time.

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Moreau Family

The Moreau family sculptor dynasty begins with Jean Baptiste Moreau, who was born in Dijon, France at the end of the 18th century. Jean Baptiste had three sons who followed in his footsteps, they were Auguste, Mathurin and Hyppolyte-François. The legacy continued with Auguste’s sons, Louis Auguste and Hyppolyte Francois. Members of the Moreau family often studied at the famous École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

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