Charmeuse by H Moreau

Charmeuse by H Moreau
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A very sweet Art Nouveau bronze study of a young farm girl collecting firewood with excellent rich brown patina and fine hand finished detail, signed Hip Moreau and titled Charmeuse

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Bronzes of the 19th Century by Pierre Kjellberg

Hippolyte Moreau

Hippolyte is the second son of the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Moreau and started working in his fathers studio.

With his two brothers Mathurin and Auguste, he settled in Paris  and was taught by François Jouffroy at the Ecole des Beaux Arts .

From 1863 to 1914 , he exhibited at the Salon des artistes français where he produced decorative objects most often inspired by the 18th century. He won a medal at the Universal Exhibition in 1878 and another at the 1900 Universal Exhibition .

He mainly produces works of medium size and decorative or usual objects: vases, statuettes, paper-cutters , bronze , tin or regulated pockets.

He is the sculptor of the statue of Alexis Claude Clairaut (1880) on one of the façades of the Paris City Hall , rue de Lobau .

Most of his works are preserved in the Dijon Museum of Fine Arts .

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