Dancer with Ball

Dancer with Ball
  • Armand Godard Art Deco Bronze Dancer with Ball
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A beautiful Art Deco bronze figure of a young dancer wearing an Ionic Chiton tunic dress holding her arms out in front of her with a glass ball balanced on top. The surface has very fine cold painted colour and intricate hand finished detail. The whole sculpture is raised on a fancy portor marble base with four quarter cut globe embellishments, signed Godard and inscribed Etling

See last image for period photo from the January 01, 1928 – edition of Vogue Magazine

Folies-Bergère dancer Georgia Graves, wearing sleeveless, upper-thigh-length chiton dance dress, standing on tip-toe, holding large translucent ball on outstretched hands.

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£ 8,500

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Cold Painted Bronze and Marble

Book Ref

Art Deco and Other Figures by Bryan Catley, Art Deco Sculpture by Victor Arwas

Page No.

102, 166

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