Le Verre Français Digitale Vase

Le Verre Français Digitale Vase
  • Le Verre Francais Art Deco Hanging Flower Vase
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  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930e
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930h
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930g
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930f
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930d
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930c
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930a
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930b
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930j
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930k
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930i
  • Le-Verre-Français-Art-Deco-Hanging-Flower-Vase-5930w

A very striking cameo glass vase decorated with a red and maroon Art Deco floral design against a light pink field with excellent colour and very fine detail, signed Le Verre Francais

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£ 2,950

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Cameo Glass

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Schneider by Gerard Bertrand

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Le Verre Francais – Schneider Glass

Schneider was founded when Henri Wolf and two brothers, Ernest Schneider (1877 ~1937) and Charles Schneider (1881 ~ 1953), purchased a small glassworks at Epinay-sur-Seine near Paris in 1913. The Schneider brothers had both previously worked for Daum, Ernest in the sales department and Charles a freelance designer. At first the company operated under the name Schneider Frères & Wolf, but before it could become properly established it was forced to close because of the outbreak of World War I. Afterwards it was relaunched as Société Anonyme des Verreries Schneider – the name of the company retained until it went bankrupt in 1938 – with Ernest in charge of business affairs and Charles as technical and artistic director.

Although the factory adopted some of the techniques associated with the School of Nancy and used glass workers hired from Daum and Mullers Frères, its glass was refreshingly modern in style and looked forwards to Art Deco rather than back to Art Nouveau. The company’s highest quality luxury products were sold under the name Schneider, others under the name Le Verre Francais, a trade name registered in 1918. Charles Schneider was responsible for most the designs, although between 1918 ~ 1921 some etched patterns were designed by Gaston Hoffmann, and during the 1920s Maurice Dufrêne (1876 ~ 1955), artistic dorector of the La Maitrise section of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, created some designs. Many peices from the higher priced Schneider range, such as the mottled, opaque Marbrines and Jade vases, were decorated with round enamels picked up from the maver, often with graduated colour effects. Some pieces were left plain, but others had applied decoration in the form of opaque coloured trails and cabonchons, often wheel-carved into reliefs such as stylised flowers. Applied feet and handles were also usually made from glass of contrasting opaque colours, a distinctive feature of Schneider glass.

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