Décor Orange Coprins Vase

Décor Orange Coprins Vase
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  • Le Verre Français Art Deco Mushroom Vase Verrerie Schneider
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An eye catching early 20th Century cameo glass vase cased in a vibrant Art Deco orange floral decoration against a pale field with excellent colour and hand finished detail, signed Le Verre Francais  FRANCE

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Cameo Glass

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Schneider by Gerard Bertrand

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 Verrerie Schneider

The Verrerie Schneider, founded by Charles Schneider and his brother Ernest, thrived during the 1920s, when Art Deco designs were most success in glass making, having worked for both Emile Gallé and Daum. In the interwar years, Ernest managed accounting and promotion, while Charles was art director and technician an ideal division of labour.

Acid etched cameo glass decoration had been a favourite of French glass houses since its introduction in the late 1800s. Charles Schneider made it look like a new technique when he etched brilliantly coloured layers of glass case to thick mottled glass vessels. His stylised designs in Art Deco colours were popular, and they were copied.

The Le Verre Francais line of Schneider’s glass is considered a distinct collectible area. Virtually always inscribed on the lower edge of the item, the mark is a script signature, “Le Verre Francais”. An elite selection of this line is additionally signed “Charder,” a contraction of CHARles SchneiDER, and presumably indicates a piece designed by Charles himself.

The “Schneider” signature is reserved for the line of art glass without acid etching, usually internally decorated or bearing applications. Such work attracts collectors who favour simplicity and elegance. Some of it is mounted with metal fittings, adding both interest and artistic impact. The art glass of the Verrerie Schneider is highly respected and valued. This is likely to continue as supply dwindles.

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