Lièvres Vase

Lièvres Vase
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  • Lièvres Vase by René Lalique
    Lièvres Vase by René Lalique
  • Lièvres Vase by René Lalique
    Lièvres Vase by René Lalique
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An excellent opalescent and frosted glass vase made of clear and blue patinated glass with a striking iridescent quality to the hares. The full round body with a slightly flaring, small neck. The background area of the vase depicting raised blue foliage with leaves scrolling and swirling over the entire surface. Around the widest part of the body a broad band with blue background and raised hares chasing around the full circumference of the vase. Signed with an embossed R Lalique mark on the underside. This vase celebrates the traditional hare hunt in the region of France that Lalique lived in. The hares are of differing sizes, strenuously galloping ahead, many looking as though they are caught in mid-air.


Vase <Lièvres>
Hare Coursing
Catalogue Number: 942
Signature identification: “R. Lalique France” engraved around rim of base
Date introduced: August 9, 1923
Dimensions: 16 cm high

Felix Marchilac Catalogue Raisonné Page 426


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15 cm




Frosted, Stained and Opalescent Glass

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