Theresienthal Hock Glasses

Theresienthal Hock Glasses
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A fabulous set of six hock glasses, each of the clear glass tops with individual hand painted floral enamel decoration around the full circumference, raised on green glass stems with spreading circular foot. This is a dramatic set of glasses made at the height of the Art Nouveau era that captures the organic influence of nature at its very best.

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The History of Theresienthal

Theresienthal – In September 1836 Franz Steigerwald founded a glass works and named it “Theresienthal” after Queen Therese of Bavaria, wife of Ludwig I. The King himself supported Steigerwald in establishing the factory and granted him monopoly over certain kinds of glass. Theresienthal kept its promise to the Royal Family and in the shortest period of time, the crowned glass with the special lustre conquered the taste of high society in many great cities, the royal courts of Europe, and the hearts of crystal glass lovers around the world.
In 1861 Franz Steigerwald was succeeded by the “Glassbaron” Michael von Poschinger, who took over Theresienthal. “I have made it my goal to maintain the splendour of this factory” – his brief and humble words in a letter to his customers.
Famous designers created the collections and won numerous prizes at international trade fairs. In 1840 their crystal ware was awarded commendations for “beauty and splendour of shape”, as well as “diversity and elegance of décor” at the “Allgemeine Industrie-Ausstellung” (general trade fair) in Nuremberg. At the 1867 World Fair in Paris, Theresienthal was awarded the bronze medal. Seventy years later, at the 1937 World Fair in Paris, Theresienthal won the “Medaille d’Or” (gold medal) for a crystal glass set – sometimes all that glitters is in fact gold.
Illustrious customers ordered from Theresienthal: Ludwig II purchased a crystal glass set for his Linderhof castle. The court of the Russian Tsar ordered their fine crystal pieces and during her exile in Britain the last empress of France, Empress Eugenie, purchased a particularly precious clock; the clock face, cog wheel and watch hands were all completely made of glass.
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