Alvin Flower Vase

Alvin Flower Vase
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  • Art Nouveau Emerald Green Glass Vase
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909a
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909b
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909c
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909d
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909e
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909f
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909g
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909h
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909i
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909j
  • Art-Nouveau-Emerald-Green-Glass-Vase-5909w

A very fine early 20th Century vibrant green glass vase decorated with an Art Nouveau floral design exhibiting excellent colour and very fine detail, stamped and numbered

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Silvered Glass

Alvin & Co.

The Alvin Silver Manufacturing Company was founded during the latter part of the 19th century. Their original headquarters in 1886 was located in New Jersey. Historical records reference multiple names for this manufacturer, including The Alvin Silver Manufacturing Company, The Alvin Mfg Co., Alvin Silver Co., and The Alvin Corporation.

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