Macaw Vase

Macaw Vase
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A dramatic frosted glass vase applied with two superbly detailed parrot heads mounted on to the sides as handles with excellent hand finished detail and very deep vibrant blue colour, signed Lalique France and numbered 6/99

Quote from Lalique

“Building on the rich heritage of company founder and visionary Rene Lalique, Lalique today returns to the natural world as a source of inspiration. The tropical jungle is home to the fiery Macaw, the namesake and inspiration for Lalique’s 1999 Limited Edition Macaw Vase.”

“The commanding Macaw Vase features two magnificent Macaw heads, plumage shining, extending from either side of the vase. Delicate plumage, sculpted in satin-finished crystal, covers the body of the vase. The shape of the vase further evokes the exotic Macaw: it curves and tapers, echoing the shape of the bird’s own body.”

“Lalique’s master artisans pay tribute to the myth of the Macaw, considered to be a symbol of solar energy, by depicting the bird in five brilliant colors: red, jade, green, turquoise, amber and clear. The bird’s satin-finished color complements the luminous clear finish of the vase, making the Macaw Vase as radiant as its natural counterpart.”

“Standing over 13 inches tall, with a width of 9 inches, and weighing nearly 15 pounds, the Macaw vase is a dramatic representation of an inspiring creature.”

“Because of the complex nature of of its production, only 99 Macaw vases will be produced worldwide in each of the five colors. Each Macaw vase will be a hand-numbered, limited edition.”

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