Aquatic Vase

Aquatic Vase
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  • Emile Gallé Art Nouveau Cameo Glass Aquatic Flower Vase 5867x
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867a
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867b
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867c
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867d
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867e
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867f
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867g
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867h
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867i
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867j
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867k
  • Emile-Gallé-Art-Nouveau-Flower-Vase-5867w

A rare and unusual early 20th Century cameo glass vase acid cut with a landscape scene of water lilies on a lake exhibiting very fine colour and excellent detail, signed Gallé

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Cameo Glass

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