Alpine Vase by Daum Freres

Alpine Vase by Daum Freres
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Outstanding Art Nouveau cameo glass vase enamel painted with a view of the Alps, the mountainous landscape with a quite stunning realism and incredible depth of perspective, signed Daum Nancy with the Cross of Lorraine. Learn all about the Daum Brothers in our blog post here.

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Cameo & Enamelled Glass

Daum Glass

Daum Glass – Relatively few important designers of art glass existed in early 20th Century France. Despite their competition, these men keenly wanted to share the secrets of their art. When Emile Gallé founded Ecole de Nancy in 1901, his goal was to promote various art media, including glass. Gallé was president of the school. Amongst his vice presidents was Antonin Daum, whom Gallé admired and respected.

The Daum Glass which consisted of four brothers had moved quickly into the mainstream of art glass production after 1890. They encouraged their glass masters and technicians in the use of unusual and artful processes. Antonin himself designed numerous pieces. Smart marketing led to increased demand for Daum glass, and the Daum Verrerie de Nancy became widely known its Art Nouveau work.

During the periods of art glass revival in the 1960s and 1990s, French art glass soared in both value and popularity While some companies were short lived, Daum’s production at Nancy was prolific and long-lasting. As a result, collectors can gather a fine Daum collection. The current market for early 20th Century art glass made by the Daum brothers’ company is strong. Prices remain high for major examples of French art glass, and experts expect prices to rise even more as the availability supply declines.

The Daum Verrerie de Nancy, like factories all over France, was closed during World War 1I, 1914-1919. When it reopened, it found a new world of ideas, tastes and styles. Paul Daum, especially, helped the company to incorporate the new with the best of the old and economise at the same time.

Daum Brothers

Known for their stunning Art Nouveau vases, you can read more about Daum Frères here.

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