Steuben Glass

Frederick Carder founded the Steuben Glass Works at Corning N.Y. in 1903. He produced an amazing variety of glass, in many techniques, styles and colors. He was one of the giants in glassmaking. Steuben Glass Works developed glass in the art nouveau period, the art deco period, then contemporary clear glass. When collectors think of Steuben glass, two distinct styles come to mind. In 1903 Steuben’s chief designer, Carder created a new form of iridescent glass called Aurene. Unlike Tiffany’s dense and dark Favrile line of iridescent glass, which was introduced in 1894, Carder’s Aurene pieces were luminous and lustrous, seeming to radiate more light than they absorbed. So distinctive was Aurene from Favrile that Steuben was granted a patent on the technique in 1904, the year after the company’s founding.

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