Marius Ernest Sabino

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Marius Sabino (French, 1878 to1961) – born in Sicily and went to France at the age of four. He followed his father’s footsteps in training originally as a sculptor, and that early training can be detected in the exquisite figurines that he sculpted to make the molds for his glass designs.

Sabino fought for the French in the first world war, and after the war he recognised the commercial opportunities for glass products in the newly-emerging electric-lighting industry. The company he set up made lighting products (lampshades, lamps, glass panels, etc) and a range of opalescent glass vases and statuettes. They had retail outlets in Paris as well as their production facilities. They won prizes at all the major international exhibitions between the two world wars. The glassworks he founded is still active and extremely well regarded and successful.

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