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Although WMF produced glass for more then 100 years, their period of triumph in glass only lasted from 1926 to 1936. WMF, or the Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, was essentially a metal works. They started making glass in 1883 when a glass house was built at Geisslingen near Stuttgart.

The company was, and still is, a producer of metal tableware, particularly silvered flatware, and they began by producing their own glass inserts for cruet stands, open salts, cookie jars and similar articles. Glass was never a core business – metal was. The original 1883 glass house was destroyed during the First World War and a new, more modern facility opened in 1922.

At first, production of inserts continued as before, but soon pieces decorated with cut olives and facets left the factory.

The young glass designer Karl Wiedmann perfected the technique of iridized surfaces and the resulting “MYRA”-Kristall entered production in 1926. The same year also saw the beginning of the first “IKORA” glass. Both types of glass continued to be produced until around 1936, when production of art-glass ceased.

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