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Edmond Laurent Etling founded La Societe Anonyme Edmond Etling in 1909 in Paris. The works which he commissioned (not only glass, but ceramics, ivory and bronze) were sold from his shop in Paris at 29 Rue de Paradis. Glassware was made at the Etling Choisy-le-Roi glassworks. Apart from clear grey and frosted glass, much of Etling’s glassware was made of opalescent glass. Etling used designs from the top freelance designers of the period, including Alliott, Alonzo, Chiparus, Gazan, Colinet, Bel, Guiraud-Riviere, Descomps, Godard and Guillard. Lucile Sevin and Genevieve Granger designed figurines; Georges Beal designed vases with characteristic plant designs, and Geza Hiecz designed animal and bird figures.

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