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Czech Glass – The Czech Republic is justly famous for its beautiful and colourful glass. The history of Czech glass started in former Bohemia with the abundant natural resources found in the countryside. Bohemian glass-workers discovered potash combined with chalk created a clear colourless glass that was more stable than glass from Italy. It was at that time when the term Bohemian crystal emerged for the first time in history to distinguish its qualities from the glass coming from other places. As opposed to usual perception this was non-lead. This glass could be cut with a wheel. In addition, resources such as wood for firing the kilns and for burning down to ashes were used to create potash. There were also copious amounts of limestone and silica. Bohemia turned out expert craftsmen who artfully worked with crystal. Bohemian crystal became famous for its excellent cut and engraving. Bohemia became the independent republic of Czechoslovakia in 1918 and the production and reputation of this fine glass manufacturing country continues to the present day.

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