Maurice Guiraud-Rivière

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Maurice Guiraud-Rivière (French, 1881 ~ 1947) Maurice was born in Toulouse the 10 February 1881, he was a painter, draftsman, and sculptor. he was the nephew of the Theodore River, and student of the National School of Fine Arts where he studied under the direction of Antonin Mercie master of his uncle and like them native of Toulouse. He exhibited at the Salon of French Artists from 1907, and also at the Salon comedians. He was a sculptor during the Art Deco Period, Many of his works statuettes were made up of bronze or the mixture of both bronze and ivory. Mostly his works were focused on women, sports, aviation or automotive. The majority of his works were published by the Etling foundry which was very active in the edition of Art Deco bronzes and represented many sculptors of this artistic movement. Maurice Guiraud-Rivière is also known for producing car mascots, in which he has invested a lot. Maurice is part of the sculptors who created some of the best known mascots during the golden age of this production (1919-1930). His mascots, always beautifully crafted, and are now very sought after by collectors.

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