Herbert Hampton

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Herbert Hampton ( English, 1862 ~ 1929) Hampton was asculptor, creator of public memorials and artist who was active between 1888 and 1927. Born in Haddesdon, Herts. He studied at Cardiff School of Art, Lambeth School of Art, Westminster School of Art, the Slade and then the Académies Julien and Colarossi, Paris. Died at Great Bardfield, Essex. His obituary in ‘The Times’ presented a lukewarm assessment of his practice but acknowledged his success as the creator of public memorials. The author singles out for mention his six statues of Queen Victoria, one of King Edward VII in Euston Road and another of King George for India. Hampton is also said to have had strong views on how competitions for public memorials were arranged. The obituary suggests he was a regular correspondent to the editor of ‘The Times’, noting he had had a letter on this topic published shortly before his death (5 February 1929).

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